Api 312

API 3preamps – should I? Awesome original api card with all the desired options. Comes in a rack with line and mic inputs, phantom power, gain knob,pad and led to show gain level. A full description of these.

A Module (Compatible with API 5series) MAP: $790.

Frequency Response 5Hz to 75kHz (-3dB). Info about the 2and the 5series preamps is not hard to come by. However, the 3is more elusive. Were they manufactured for use in any of. Cerca api 3tra migliaia di annunci di vendita di usato dei privati.

Naviga tra le offerte di api 3pubblicate dai negozi di strumenti musicali ai prezzi migliori. Pubblica gratis i tuoi annunci per vendere, comprare e scambiare strumenti nuovi e usati.

The VP312-VPR is a single stage mic preamp for the 5series format and is fully VPR compatible. The aluminum faceplate is wet painted and the aluminum L-bracket . These now sit permanently installed in the console desk at my studio, alongside my Sony DMX-R1console and preamps from Great River, Hamptone, . Warm Audio are a relatively new Texas-based company who have set out to produce a world-class preamp for rather less than a world-class price. I am going to a friends house tomorrow morning to look at a bunch of Api mic pres that he wants to sell right away. He wants more for the 3mic pres than the 3pres.

Can anyone, especially Fletcher tell me the differences brtween these two mic preamps? Also if anyone knows what they are worth, that . Smoke-free studio use only. They have tone that simply cannot be duplicated by anything else, vintage or modern, with a fat low end (due to the distortion in the old transformers ) . Trova api 3in vendita tra una vasta selezione di Veicoli: ricambi e accessori su eBay. Subito a casa, in tutta sicurezza. UserMedia, 310–3bitrates for, 3DataChannel vs.

Canvas API , 3CSSAPI , 3delivery quality of, 3encrypting, 335–3processing of, 3VPbitrate codec, 312 . Sign in to disable this ad. A level control pot with an expanded 20-segment metering system shows precise .