Audient asp880 review

Audient have updated their popular eight-channel preamp design to provide more features at a lower price. Reviewed by Will Severin. I first came across the ASP8when I was looking to expand my mic preamp inputs for an upcoming recording project. I was looking for a multichannel preamp unit to augment my collection without breaking the bank.

I found many of the usual . Audient has a well-earned reputation as a high-quality console manufacturer.

Does anybody here have hands on experience with the bew Audient ASP 8pre? First hand experience here. Audient sostiene che la ASP8aggiungerà un pizzico di colorazioni analogico al segnale e nei nostri test è sembrato certamente portare un bel tocco di calore audio per le nostre registrazioni. Granted there are a lot of channel ADAT enabled . I recorded drums with this unit.

I tried several mics and i am very happy to have purchased this unit. The specs can tell you a lot but there are always things you learn about equipment . The Audient was faster with excellent clarity and arguably was more transparent. Now Audient are back on the blog with a sister product to give the little IDand beastly add- on.

However, this unit is much more than a peripheral device for the . Eight Channel Mic Preamp, Analog to Digital Converter. For starters, the Audient ASP8costs less than the new ASP880. This not from cutting corners as some would believe, as it shares the same high quality class-A preamp circuit design as its predecessor.

But it differs from the ASP8by having a different power supply and with more simplified . I was particularly impressed with the quality of its pair of pre-amps and converters, which is all well and goo but sometimes you just need more. Not long ago we reviewed iD1 a two-channel audio interface from the British console maker Audient , which features the same type of mic preamps that are in its mixers. Audient recently started shipping the ASP8, an eight-channel mic preamp and analog-to-digital converter that connects to the optical. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Wir haben den Vorverstärker genau untersucht!

ASP8provides eight of Audient’s renowned console. Fulfilled by GearTree and shipped from Grand Rapids, MI, United States. Eligible for financing as low as APR.

SOS often expect you to look up earlier reviews of similar products from the same manufacturer, to avoid repetitions. Audient ASP8is a Class-A channel mic preamp and a high quality ADC converter.