Biotta wellness week

La Settimana Wellness Biotta. Per chi è indicata la Settimana Wellness Biotta ? Qual è il momento migliore per una Settimana Wellness Biotta ? Cosa è importante per un risultato ottimale? Il corpo ha bisogno di calore.

La mia Settimana Wellness Biotta.

With the aid of eleven natural fruit and vegetable juices, the strain on your body is ease and you will experience a new feeling of lightness. This is not about a rigorous fast, but about forgoing things . BIOTTA WELLNESS WEEK BIO. Il pacchetto di succhi di frutta e verdura Biotta.

Spese di spedizione gratis. Grazie alla combinazione di succhi di verdura e frutta biologica di alta qualità, il corpo viene fornito con nutrienti importanti durante la cura. Biotta Wellness Woche è un metodo di disintossicazione naturale. Questa settimana di disintossicazione è consigliata a tutti gli adulti in .

You will be getting rid of dead weight during the week. Your body will receive new energy and lay the perfect foundation for a brand new lifestyle. It is suitable for all healthy adults. However, teenagers, diabetics and people who suffer from health problems should . Purificante, per fornire un buon aspetto.

Search for further products and novelties. Been planning to change your diet for some time? Want to detoxify your body? No matter what has motivated you to embark on a juice week, our Wellness Week package will provide you with everything you need in one handy box.

Drink litres of Organic Herbal Tea or water throughout the day. Let the intrinsic goodness and nourishment of the juices help to cleanse and rebuild your intestinal tract. Ingredients: Potato, Celery, Sauerkraut, . Tento produkt není momentálně k dispozici. Bio-kúra na dní, dietní pročištění, kompaktní balení obsahuje lahví šťáv Biotta (3xWellness, 2xVita 2xDigest, 2xRajčata a 2xZeleninový koktejl), bylinný čaj, lněná semínka a návod.

I did not follow the instructions 1 because I did not read the instructions clearly. I was using the Breuss cancer detox method to follow the Wellness week. In the en I realized I have some bottles of juices .

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