Cavatappi pasta

Cavatappi is macaroni formed in a helical tube shape. It is known by other names, including cellentani, amori, spirali, tortiglioni, or fusilli rigati. It is usually scored with lines or ridges ( rigati in Italian) on the surface. Login and discover this and other formats of De Cecco short pasta ! PASTA DI SEMOLA DI GRANO DURO trafilata al bronzo ed essiccata a bassa temperatura. Ingredienti: semola di grano duro.

Pasta prodotta in Italia Dalla Costa Pastificio Dalla Costa pasta trafilata al bronzo . With its tubular center and ridged ( rigate) surface, Cellentani is one of the most versatile pasta cuts; able to capture every drop of sauce and trap vegetables, meat or fish in every . The name means corkscrew in Italian. Native to Southern Italy, this ridged cut is good for oil-based sauces and other light weight sauces. Ideal for soups, salads and casseroles. Short, tubular, and corkscrew shape cavatappi goes well with sauces that are thick or chunky.

I cavatappi , o cellentani, sono un formato di pasta molto sfizioso e divertente. The warm pasta slightly wilts the spinach and softens the cheese during tossing.