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Serie di bicchieri: RIEDEL VERITAS. Present every drink the right way! Unsurpassed in thinness and lightness, the bowls of Veritas are based on the individual grape varietal characteristics.

Gorgeous, lasting quality and dishwasher safe. Free shipping on orders over $29.

New from Riedel …The Veritas Collection Machine blown glasses of unsurpassed thinness and lightness Combining the best of Riede. This series includes Riedel. They said it enabled them to appreciate the complexity of the . Initially diners were a little shocke but once they tasted from it they realised the difference.

They have a wider shape that actually . Riedel offers sets of glasses for merlot, cabernet, pinot noir, Bordeaux and more. Love the crisp taste of white wines instead?

Champagne flutes, wine glasses. Glasses for chardonnay, sauvignon blank and zinfandel are just what you need. Celebrating a special occasion?

Time to break out champagne or sparkling wine ! The champagne wine glass from the RIEDEL VERITAS collection revolutionizes the grape varietal-specific wine glass. The result is convincing: lighter, thinner and yet dishwasher-safe – for a unique wine-drinking experience. Sommeliers and wine experts are forsaking the flute in favour of glasses that better show off their fizz. Anne Krebiehl MW explains why you.

Thousands of Riedel Crystal Wine Glasses in stock. Pop a few corks to try out the Riedel Ouverture Pay Get Wine Glass Set. Each wine glass is made of crystal that . We purchased Riedel Restaurant Extremes from a wine distributor.

Magnificent glasses for Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot-based wines , especially those of Bordeaux. Its flavor and aromas are at least as important . Only at IWA Wine Accessories!

According to Riedel , these glasses are dishwasher safe, break resistant and suitable for long-term daily use at home. Visually stunning, super- thin and . Vinum has had a permanent impact on t. With a wider bowl than a . For these reasons, many experts now favour drinking champagne from a standard white- wine glass. Discover our range of luxury wine accessories online. In addition, the coupe, . Lead Crystal, machine-blown.

You can also use this glass for : Cuvée Prestige, Sparkling wine, Blanc de Blancs. The new Veritas Series by Riedel is spectacular. Riedel’s Superleggero champagne wine glass is mouth-blown of clear fine crystal.

A set of good champagne glasses makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift that can be used immediately but will continue to be appreciated long after the heart shaped box of chocolates are eaten and the roses withered. Just in time for the holiday, Riedel , the world’s leader in making fine glasses for wine. Riedel Veritas, a grape varietal wine glass collection for the 21st century.