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The Diamond Cut Mixing Glass has become a staple in the craft cocktail world for its beautiful and functional design – its wide mouth and base, sturdy grip, and beaker-like spout make it perfect for building . FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Also provides a more elevated look. The mixing glass is dishwasher safe (top rack), and has a flat base for . Large 700ml capacity for professional cocktail making.

COD: BU-Categoria: Gaggioli. Mixing glass are both beautiful and frustrating. This style was popularized by Cocktail Kingdom. Now, just about all mixing glasses are constructed this way.

These are their primary benefits:. For easy and sophisticated mixing – an elegant, tall seamless mixing glass. Has perfect traditonal criss-cross cut glass which also make it harder to slip.

Simple curved pour spout for easy pouring.

No seams for silky elegance. Great for preparing cocktails and the pouring beak helps to prevent spillages. Japanese 500ml Mixing Glass – Barware. Stirring is a more gentle technique used to delicately mix and cool cocktails while adding the perfect amount of dilution and keeping them bright and crystal clear.

The traditional Yarai pattern is hand cut into the glass and makes a sparkling statement on any bar. Made in Japan , the seamless smooth interior gives a perfectly . Warning: Last items in stock! Osaka-450ml- mixing – glass.

BAR CADDY 3Stainless Steel. A stylish cut crystal mixing glass with embossed pattern design is perfect for adding elegance to your cocktail service. By breathing in air while the glass is melte the surface is smooth with no seams. The surface has a palisade pattern cut into the glass, which is popular in Japan.

You can choose between the following. Not crystal, so, they take forever to get the drink col barspoons tend to stick on the glass as your stirring, not a seamless operation. This mixing glass is the perfect bar tool to make the stirred martini and scores of other mixed drinks.

The base holds the glass sturdy while stirring with capacity enough for drinks plus ice.

Pair this glass up with one of the quality mixing spoons for a professional bar set. Dimension: L1x Dmm. Material: Tempered Glass . From Stephensons catering equipment suppliers.

A diamond embossed pattern ensures these mixing glasses enhance the bar whilst a pouring lip makes decanting easy and . Cocktails that use distilled spirits with only very light mixers like . The complete Stainless Steel Bar Set includes Yukiwa Bell Jigger, Yukiwa Stainless Steel Teardrop Bar Spoon, Yukiwa Cobbler Shaker, Yukiwa Stainless Steel Baron Strainer, and Diamond Cut Mixing Glass.